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Special Services

Open Wardrobe
Clothes Line

                                             Lab Dips

Our expert color specialists will work closely with you to create your custom color for the next season, or to match one from years past.  Custom colors can be created for you based on your specifications or our own experience.

Just my style                                                  

Our close proximity to the Los Angeles garment district and to Hollywood's motion picture and television studios makes Almore Dye House a perfect solution for your small projects or wardrobe design.


   Product Processing & Order Delivery

Need your orders problem!  In the greater Los Angeles area?  Let us deliver your order to you.  Our fast, friendly drivers will bring your special order to you as soon as its created.

Laundry Services                                         

Have some large items that need to be cleaned up??? No problem, give us a call and we would be glad to help you out.

Delivery Men
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