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Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing is a unique dye process that adds custom colors to already finished garments. There are a number of advantages to using this dye to color finished garments as opposed to dyeing raw fabric (mill dyed) or yarn (yarn dyed).

In the industry, garment dyeing is recognized as a highly flexible and useful type of dyeing. With garment dye, you can customize the color of each individual batch of garments. We can dye a wide array of lot sizes...anywhere from one and thousands of  garments.


This process can be used to create custom garments for specific events, and also to create stock to respond to demands for particular colors and styles. We can dye to spruce up old garments or uniforms, or to update the color of a garment to a more appropriate or desirable shade.

We specialize in dyeing goods in a quick time frame to support your inventory needs, shortening your supply chain, limiting your inventory risk and driving your revenue!

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